Suggested Reading

Beer Styles

Find Style guidines and more.

Designing Great Beers. Ray Daniels.

This book is not for beginners. It doesn’t contain recipes but will help you formulate your own. It provides an in-depth discussion of 15 major beer styles and provides a bit of history and a lot of information about the typical grain bill composition.

Brewing Books

The New Complete Joy of Homebrewing. Charley Papazian

This book is a fantastic resource; a must have for anyone that is interested in homebrewing. It is composed of three sections, one for beginners, medium, and advanced brewers. This book provides great step-by-step information on brewing technique for both extract and all-grain brewing. Each section provides a a good number of recipes for that will satisfy both the extract and all-grain brewer’s since of adventure. This was my first brewing book ( I have the second edition. You can buy the third edition, which I would recommend.)

Bottling and Kegging 

The Kitchen Sink

Brewing Illustrated. [avail online]

This site illustates almost every step of the brewing process with nice color photos. This site contains instructions on how to build some brewing equiptment and even covers the tricky topics like All-grain decoction mashes. This is a must read.


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